Ram Charan Master Class – July 10, 2018

Ram Charan Master Class – Leading to Win In the Digital Age

July 10 – NYC

Preeminent CEO advisor and best selling author Ram Charan will lead an intensive Master Class on one of the most critical issues facing CEOs and C-Suite leaders today: How to lead — and win — in the digital age.

The success of companies, and their leaders, is very often at stake.

On July 10th in New York City, we will be developing answers in an evening Vanguard Master Class on “Leading in the Age of Big Data, AI and Machine Learning. The Master Class will begin a 5 pm with two sessions, followed by a working dinner.

The Master Class is open to a small group of senior leaders and next-gen executives by invitation.

It will be a high intensity engagement around the real-world leadership challenges – and opportunities – of digital, which is bringing transformations as profound as those caused by the arrival of the Internet. The format will be intimate and engaging, with vigorous dialog among the participants and with Ram.

The Forum is by invitation only. For more information or an invitation request please use the form below:-