There are limits to what even the most accomplished leader can do. 

But at a time when organizations must constantly change in order to thrive, their leaders have to do the same, and push beyond those limits.

Ken Banta, the founder and principal of the Vanguard Group, has worked with CEOs and senior executives for more than 20 years on leadership, corporate positioning, and organizational transformation.

Ken and the Vanguard team help senior leaders build sustainable high performance, in two ways:


What sets us apart in all our work is a focus on real-worldleadership, and on addressing the most important issues with apragmatic, action-oriented mindset.


● We bring together current and future C-Suite executives in intimate, engaging dialogues around critical leadership challenges. Participants raise the bar on their leadership excellence, learning from our faculty — a group of highly experienced and successful board members, CEOs, C-Suite leaders, and other experts — and from each other.

Members' Network

● We work with individual executives to hone their leadership, build more effective teams, and transform their organizations to surmount new challenges. Our approach to transformation is guided by our personal experience leading more than a dozen global mergers, acquisitions, and company reinventions, and advising on many more. We know that ultimately, it's all about high-performance people, working in a high-performance culture.

Helping top leaders transform their 


Convening emerging and experienced executives to reimagine leadership

Building powerful connections between leaders

The Vanguard Group for Leadership supports senior executives as they build high-performance organizations and take leadership to higher levels.

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