Quarterly Vanguard Forum for Life Sciences Leaders - Online, February 18, 2021


  • Making Population Health a Competitive Edge

  • What Should We Learn From the COVID-19 Vaccines?


February 18, 2021, Noon to 2 p.m. EST



This Forum is presented at the request of several of our Life Sciences Leaders members. We will be working on two critical challenges for 2021: What do we need to know about Population Health to enable better therapies, faster AND what should we learn from the COVID 19 vaccines about accelerating development of other products?

Each session will be led by fellow Life Sciences Leaders with deep experience in the topics. Cameron Durrant, Chairman/CEO Humanigen, Inc. will be the Forum Chair.

Throughout 2021, our quarterly Vanguard mini-forums for Life Sciences Leaders will address leadership challenges like these through intimate, interactive dialogues in a variety of engaging formats.

Mini-forums are complimentary for Vanguard Network members. If you are not a member, you can join here, or you’ll be asked to contribute a guest fee of $100 when we send you your invitation link.



Session leaders for the mini-forums are highly experienced Life Sciences Leaders, board members, and top leadership experts. 
Advisory board members help us plan the forum agendas, which focus on the topics most important to Life Sciences Leaders. Board members include:

  • Carrie Cox, Chairman of the Board, NewCo

  • Cameron Durrant, Chairman and CEO, Humanigen

  • Amber Edwards, Chief Commercial Officer, Alastin Inc.

  • Vivek Ramaswamy, Founder and CEO, Roivant Sciences

  • Davidi Vortman, CEO, OnSight Medical



Making population health a competitive edge.

This session will look at how population health insights can be applied by life sciences companies to improve outcomes and performance. C-Suite executives and population health experts will catalyse discussion on how LS leaders and their teams can take advantage of the latest advantages in population health to drive performance.

Accelerating development: What should we learn from the COVID 19 vaccines?

Speeding up clinical trials: this is the holy grail of life sciences. This session will explore how we, as top leaders, can learn from the extraordinary innovations in development that created an array of COVID 19 vaccines within a year. What are the new tools and insights on which we should focus our teams? Do we need to fine tune clinical trial processes, or blow them up? Are there new and better models for processes with the FDA? What are our own roles, and should they change?



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